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Has M-ID Stopped and is Tyson Pushing It?

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Aug 26, 2005
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I had a farmer who lives in a state other than the one I am from come talk to me about some paperwork that he got in the mail. To my surprise, it was a state premise I D form. I asked him who mailed it to him and he showed me the envelope. It was Tyson.

I looked on the bottom of the form where there was a number to call for information. The farmer doesn't speak english very well so I called the number for him and talked to someone at the state veternerian's office. One of the state vets was put on the phone and I asked him why this form was sent, under the name of the state. He said it was a program that the USDA had instituted and that at the state they were asked to have the big agribusiness concerns push the program.

I told him I thought that the USDA had stopped any manditory part and he agreed that it was not manditory. I asked him why a letter saying that and pointing out the relationship between the USDA and the state and Tyson wasn't sent out with the form. He said that it was Tyson that sent the letter out and not the state or the USDA. I asked him why they had Tyson send the letter out. I told him that Tyson knows all their poultry growers in their area and actually puts the birds out on those farms and the chicks.

He said he thought that Tyson was requiring it of all their growers but that it was not manditory by the state or the USDA. He said the state was getting funding by the USDA to push the program.

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