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Hashknife Outfit....

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Mar 1, 2005
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I hope one or all of you that discussed this outfit will be at the dinner in Deadwood. I will listen, again, as my grandfather used to talk about it. He worked for the "Swan" Outfit, located near Glendo, WY. Bring the title and author of any books you have on it please. I always, as a kid, liked Hashknife better than Swan as it sounded tougher.

Refresh my memory. I can't remember what the conversation about the Hashknife was?

They had a division close to us here.

A good book called Hashknife Cowboy by Stella Hughes, was written about her husband Mac, on the Arizona ranch.
Some of the members were discussin old timey cowboy outfits, here in the northern central plains, and they talked about the Hashknife. It would have been opperating NE of me during the time frame of 1890's to the 1930's. Just a wee bit before my time. My grandpa was an old "Swan" caboy during those days. I just hadn't heard that name in many many moons and I was hoping that someone coming to Deadwood could retell their story one more time, and include a book title and author. Brings back his memory and many fond hours of listening to him tell stories.

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