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reader (the Second) said:
He's still listed as a member but with 0 posts...

Well, that's aout right.... he was always taling but never actually said anything :wink:

Although without him this place seems a little more boring already. I must say having someone like that around can sure get your adrenaline going.
Did any of you get to read his last post on "Who's right, who's wrong"? He was talking about his girlfriend and his grandparents, and he mentioned how lucky ranchers and farmers are lucky to have the women in their lives that they do. It was so far removed from his usual postings, I was pleasantly surprised to see that side of him. I guess censorship has kicked in again.
after he slapped everybody who didn't agree with him he took a swipe at macon and essentially said the board was useless so i guess it was decided he'd passed his final opinion.
You mean it's safe to read Bull sessions again? Without getting plain mad at some of the things people say? WHOOOOOHOOOOO
booting anyone is ridiculous....just limit postings and edit them. what ever happened to free speech???

it seems to me that this board is frequented by some very rabid and opinionated people on BOTH sides of the argument....how do you boot just one?

what is this Russia?
aahhh--but how do you know it really WAS him posting so sentimentally about his wife/girlfriend? maybe it was her, wanting you all to realize he's just MISUNDERSTOOD?
Well, I wish his girlfriend would leave an email address, so I can leave him my mailing, so I can collect on our bet! :)
I'm pretty sure it was him, but I'd have to say he might've been on a bit of a drinking spree. The other three or four posts previous to that one were beyond spiteful, and then this one come out of the blue. They were all posted within minutes of each other. Hell, he even said something almost nice about me and Tam!
I think it's leopard doesn't change it's spots. :wink:

I don't know, it's hard to say. If it was him, holy cow, he can be human!
I hear what you're saying. I've read what you said in the coffee shop, suffice it to say, I have alot to say but I won't..., for now.

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