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Haulin' hay

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
They like to get on all they can...



Well looks like you got your camera figgered out,good looking hay ,where are you hauling it,and that looks like a serious hay crew :D ..........good luck
What a huge load of hay!!! I can't repeat the words I used when I seen the pics but it got the hubby running to the computer to see what I was looking at. I hope they all stayed on the trailer.
By the happy looks on their faces they're not having NO diet Coke.Thing about hauling hay it's nice to finish.

You must have the double picture thing figured out.
33 rolls at a time??? (if I counted right) hope ya didnt hafta drag it very far, them kinda loads make me nervous....I'd be one of those people ya see with several that fell off on the side of the road if we tried that lol

Not to worry, they weren't going down ANY roads. That hay never saw a road of any kind. The hay was hauled off the creek and unloaded in the stackyard behind the guys. They were just getting a little 'refreshed' before they finished. Acutally two were haulin', the other two stopped by to visit... :wink:

Oh,yeah. There was 33 bales on. It was their last load and they were serious about getting done. They don't usually haul that many.

Made a good picture, tho. :shock:

but I've seen em dump loads lesser than that in ditches. We have a hard 90 degree turn at the bottom of a hill goin thru our lil town, Like clockwork durin hay season there's someone that hits the turn goin too fast and dumps some bales. I was following one this summer and knew it was gonna happen. Kept sayin..better slow down, better slow down!!! whoaaaaaaaa there they goooo.......fella was 30 miles from home and didnt know how he was gonna get it picked back up and loaded. Good folks of our town came to the rescue and brought a tractor and got it all back on the trailer. Cept for a couple bales that busted too bad to pick up.
Jersey, your story reminds me of when we lived in W. Mt. and sold hay. They were little square bales. The hay had to be hauled down a steep hill, around a turn and across a bridge over the creek. They opted to not use the bridge, and used the creek crossing instead. The hay hauler had a new driver. He didn't just dump one load in the creek, he dumped TWO!!!

We managed to salvage most of it, but it sure was exciting for awhile.
Hubby's hauling bales today. I went with him for the first load to give the tractor a snort of ether while he turned it over. Anyways, after that, I waited while he put a load on, and when he got in the truck I gave him the gears about his load being lop-sided. He asked what I meant, and I told him he had them loaded more over towards the passenger side of the truck. He told me it's because you always meet traffic on the drivers side and he didn't want to meet anybody and have the bales sticking out too far on that side. I was waiting for a disaster on every corner we had to make, but the load made it to it's destination without mishap. I guess he knows what he's doing, been hauling bales for quite a few years now. :?

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