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Hay crops and Corn crops!

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Feb 11, 2005
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Back in 53 I was 8 years old and my Dad let me run the Massey Harris sefl propelled combine cutting wheat. Over the years Dad always watched his Hay crop as an indicator of what the Corn and Bean crop would be. It was like a old coot told me one day at a sale barn I use to auction at. He told me to watch the July Corn futures as that was the "jockey's race " in the corn trade. That bit of advice from that old coot has proven out more time than not. The correlation between the Hay crop and the Corn crop has been proven many times since '53! We just put up our second cutting of Alfalfa in East Central Illinois........50% of a normal crop and that is stretching it. I am half sold out on Soybeans and about 30% sold out on Corn and I hope I have enough to fill my contracts. I have combines 4 bushels beans and 45 bushel Corn and that was after 1975! If the weather patterns contiue some places will have a good crop, maybe a better than good, but in too many parts of Illinois and Indiana it is not going to be very good. Low yields and Low prices could happen in far too many places this year. :???:
Crops in this area are almost a complete write off. Too much rain is the problem. Most have yellowed off and are stunted and ore have died. Looks like we could have some good weather this week, but its too late for most crops.
Last week and we have not received any rain since then.....97% of the Crops in IL are short of moisture, 68% of the crop is FAIR to POOR! Corn is 10 inches shorter than normal, and May and June were the driest in 100 YEARS! Southern 2/3 of Indiana is dry.....KY is burnt up! I would say Ohio has a few dry spots. Corn is beginning to tassel and no rain in sight. Sweet Corn is tasseling and is knee high! SO.....do we have this bumper Corn crop coming??????? :roll: Since we will not have enough corn to amount to anything I hope it goes to 5 bucks so somebody can have a good run!

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