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Hay for sale on Cheyenne River Reservation????

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Feb 21, 2005
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We took an interesting detour on our way home from a lunch and tour at the new Suttons Bay Golf Resort along Lake Oahe a few miles west of Agar, SD.

We crossed the lake on hiway 212, and just a few miles west there was a gravel road paralelling the hiway, about halfway between 212 and the Cheyenne River, so we detoured. It was high rolling and flat country, with some deep, narrow creeks and draws (gullies, coulees, whatever). It appears there was a bumper crop of yellow clover and native grasses. We saw thousands of acres that had been cut for hay, and gazillions of big round bales of hay.

The only problem we could see was that there is an awful lot of Canada Thistle in places, and some of the hay could be carrying lots of seed for it.

It seems there surely will be lots of hay for sale, unless people think we are going to have a VERY bad winter!

We really enjoyed the drive as the pastures and hay fields were looking so good. Saw quite a few cattle and some very good looking horses....mares and colts and a few others. Lots of red roans, grays, sorrels. Lake Oahe is still pretty low, but sure better than the last couple of years.

We usually try to find an alternate route home whenever we travel around the state, and are rarely disappointed with the scenery.