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Hay Prices

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Jun 21, 2005
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Santa Cruz CA
The weather this El Nino year has been heck on hay prices. Decent grassy alfalfa is $150.00-170.00 per ton and there is darn little of it. Add another $1.00 per bale for shipping. We still have two blocks of hay left from last year so we don't have to buy too much, 4 truck loads (7 blocks each) will see us through this year. What are you having to pay and when do you buy it? Thanks.
Faster horses said:
Last year hay was $85/ton laid in here. We were in a drought.

This year, who knows~so far none has been put up. Too wet yet.

Here, too, FH!! the hubby wants to start cutting on the 5th....weather permitting, of course :roll:
Kansas has the third cutting made and it is being swathed now (starting) even dryland hay has produced almost 4 ton already. We just turned off dry last week
Can't help you with this. We don't buy hay, we have a full pivot of alfalfa and another field of grass.
I know of several alfalfa fields that were still tight, yet were rotated this year due to price. Thing that confuses me is $3wheat or $$2 corn or $40 hay - I'd pick the one with the least use of $2 diesel. That would be leave the established hay stand and take the price.

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