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Haying time in North East California

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jeff in ca

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Mar 10, 2009
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Janesville Ca, 96114
Putting up some grass hay
Nice looking hay. What is the grass? And what kind of baler is that? I am thinking of maybe getting a small square baler, just haven't quite convinced the bale stack that that is what we need.
Looks good Jeff. Nice green looking bales are a wonderful sight.
I too would like to find a cheap square baler to put up some hay for the barn and the odd horse type excursion.
The baler is a Freeman 330. My dad and I bought it when I graduated high school 25 years ago. I has been drug around by 4 different tractors over the years. I have another one just like it. This one is my favorite. Just bales and bales.

The grass is fescue. We are running a month behind here this year due to a cold May.
Id guess from the color of those hills there is a set of wheel lines some where
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Slow start maybe, but going by the color though. you must have had some rain!

jeff in ca
Freeman balers are pretty good old machines. Good looking hay thats $250-300 dollar hay out in our country.

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