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Haythorn's horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
Happened to be driving up Highway 61, between Lake McConaughey and Arthur yesterday, and some of Haythorn's mares and colts were loafing right along the highway. Of course, I pulled over and took some pictures.


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I watched a horse sell on Superior yesterday in a production sale, for 17,100. He was a finished bridle horse, and a gelding to boot. Not shabby, but I thought there were lots of buys on some of the other horses.
I saw that horse sell, too, Jake. He was pretty plain looking, but really broke. I wonder if the people that bought him might have ridden him first. Would be interesting to know.

What did the nice bay gelding that sold early on, bring? I missed the first part of the sale. Sure were two nice two-year old roan fillies that brought $4000. The young man showing them was really, really good~in my opinion anyway. I sure liked the way he stopped them. They just kind of quit going foreward. Nothing hard, or jerky. Just a nice, use-your-backend kind of a stop.
FH, lot #6 brought 4200 I think. He didn't handle quite as well as I would have liked to see him, but I could see that he would still make a very good horse.

Martin Black is the man that had a lot of the young broke horses in the sale. He is a tremendous horseman, do a search on him. He does clinics all over, and he has been cowboss on one of the biggest ranches in America. He had a 15 year old mare that was in the sale that he no saled at 2700 I think. It handled better than almost any horse I have ever seen. I think mare or not, that would be as good of a horse as you could throw your leg over. I was VERY impressed. I bet he sold her out back after the sale. I would almost have bought a mare myself if I had known about her earlier.
Thanks for the info and the link, Jake.

I remember reading about him somewhere, probably in the Western Horseman. At the time, I wondered if he would be related to Rob Black, the good roper from Idaho. I would bet he is.

Rob Black spent some time in Ekalaka. We didn't live here then, but I have heard about him being there. I knew him from announcing Team Ropings in W. Montana. He was good with a horse, too.
There was a Rob Black at a roping when I was a kid. Some guys kidded him about being the Bearded Wonder, He was good.


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