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He is going after Vet. Benefits AGAIN

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Feb 10, 2005
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Veterans and troops set to lose health benefits under Obama's budget Retirees in the military health care program will face increases in their annual costs of up to 345 per cent
By Meghan Keneally

Last updated at 7:56 AM on 28th February 2012

Concern is sinking in over the long-term effects of President Barack Obama's proposed budget cuts to military health care spending.
Critics say that by taking aim at the military health care program by adding additional fees and increasing required payments, the President is dishonoring troops and hurting the military's recruiting power.
The budget put forth by Mr Obama- which still needs to be approved by Congress before being enacted- would create $487billion in cuts over the next 10 years.
Strategic cuts: As part of his proposed budget, President Obama will aim to have veterans opt out of their health care plan by raising the prices significantly
One of the biggest areas of contention is the increases of health care fees that specifically target military retirees by boosting their co-pay charges and deductibles.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107470/Veterans-fear-MASSIVE-hikes-health-care-plans-Obamas-budget.html#ixzz1noTC6EKw
It just amazes me how ANYONE could vote for this idiot. I suppose he will use the money saved to give more to illegals. If a country cannot be supportive of their veterans then we really are in trouble.
Obama is a scumbag.

He tries to cut Vet Benefits when he first occupys the Oval Office and the backlash was so great he backed off and to pump up his imagine he put out crap like this

and has his wifey running around saying stuff like this

"It's become one of my defining missions as First Lady, and that's to help the rest of our country better understand and appreciate the incredible service of you and your families, and to make sure that your voices are heard back in Washington and that your needs are met, and to make sure that we realize our vision of an America that truly supports and engages our military families. That's why I'm here," said Mrs. Obama to a crowd of 3,500 Marines, sailors and their family members at Camp Pendleton, California.

Then turns around a couple years later and tries to get the cuts through when nobody is paying attention. That is how much the Obama's appreciate the incredible service of the military members and their families. He goes after the military benefits but as long as he is president the bankrupt green energy sector need not worry about their government funding. :mad:

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