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Hello Mr Sunshine

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May 6, 2010
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South Dakota
It's funny you can doctor calves with vaccine, pills, etc and there is no better doctor than old Mr. Sun. Now if only we could get more than two days of it in a row. Sounds like this week is finally going to be more spring like.

Yea for the sun! :D
there a young vet here looks like Samson, said we need 3 days with out a storm before he will cut his hair. Heard he was shoulder deep in a horse chasing a stone, the area was all steril around the surgery. Then his hair fell into the wound....
We still have cold rain forcast for 6 of the next 7 days!

Had both planters cleaned up and in storage on April 28th last year - - all seed still in bags this year ( mini bulks for beans )

I am done calving and my son is about 75% done - - - calves are doing great altough I'm still feeding hay! I have the cows turned out into a woods I cleared last year and am moving round bales to new areas each time I put them out to get grass growing. I did this with another woods last year and it looks like a park now. Most of it is to rough to run a fertilizer spreader over but the cows are spreading nutrients brought in from hay fields and with sun the grass grows.

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