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Herbicide Snakes

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southeastern Colorado
Got another call this morning from a company selling "non-toxic" weed killer.

I explained that we were on the no-call list and that they shouldn't be calling.

"Doesn't Matter", he said. This precipitated a burst of profanity whereupon I noted his canine ancestry and incestous relationships. He finally went away before I could hang up.

These people are very slick. Of course, there is no such thing as a "non-toxic" week killer other than tillage equipment. They insist that their product doesn't have to be registered with the EPA. They pay no attention to no-call lists and often say they they are calling in response to a request for information they had received, which of course, is not true.

They have called periodically for several years. I once went along with their spiel to try to find out who they really were. Can't be done. Where are you calling from? Springfield is one place. but no state, since there are Springfields in a lot of states. Sometimes they call and have a New York City accent.

I am sure that others have been contacted by these people, but if not, be aware. They certainly can test one's inherent good nature and Christian demeanor.

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