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Here is a place to buy Ivermectin for people

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They still have Coutts boys locked up and still never had a day in court. Remember the covid protest over vaccines
My covid was hitting me pretty hard by the 4th day I had symptoms.I took four of these pills at 10am and my fever broke at 2:30am that night.I woke up in a bed that was totally soaked.This stuff worked for me and I am a believer in it.I was taking a packet of just about all the other stuff listed here and was not getting any relief.The ibuprofen is great for the fever and body aches and gatorade is a must if you get the covid,but the ivermectin pills worked in 16.5 hours and I mean I was done with it.
My wife took the horse paste version. Apple flavored. Typhoid Mary gave it to me. I had a stuffed up nose for about 3 days.

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