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here's a barn for ya Clarence

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley

It's the Lasby barn just on the north edge of Moose Jaw SK.
built in the early teens it is 11,000 sq feet on each of the loft level and the lower level. The lower level was for draft horses and milk cows with pens for veal calves and it looked like foaling stalls.All cement and pipe,watering system, cold rooms for the milk and a track for the feed carts. Still pretty intact for not being used in a long time.
It is now owned by Andrew Schmitz and is used for wedding and large parties. We had the SSGA Presidents reception/ BBQ after the ranch rodeo on the Sunday of the Convention.
Never a well on that farm. All water was hauled or collected off the eaves into cisterns. There is another barn behind it that was the pig barn.
Thanks for posting the barn pictures BMR. I will copy your entire post. Will put it in one of my albums. I am putting together a book of barns, won't use it in it though, shouldn't use other peoples pictures. I am just doing this for my own entertainment, but you never know who may own it someday. Lots of interest in barns. Heck, I even remember when most of the farm chores were centered around and in the barn.
That would be awesome to have!!! My old barn in Iowa was of course no where as big as that, but was pretty big. It had a long set of scales under the main alley way floor with huge sliding doors on each side, a built in corn still on the cob crib with a horizontal elevator deal under it that had boards over it you took off as you needed to shovel the corn on it to take it out of the barn, 3 rooms for grain storage that still had evidence of oats being in them, 6 or so wood milking stantions in a alley way on the south, various other little open areas and pens, a tack room, of course a big hay loft...I guess a tornado had cut it in half years before I moved in and they put up a lean on that part of the barn instead of building it all back. I love barns like that!

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