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Hey, Manitobans

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Manitoba
Did any of you catch that show 'Mega Moves' I think it was called where they moved the elevator from La Riviere to Somerset. It was very interesting watching them try to take it up the east hill out of the valley. They said the annex weighed a million pounds. Just goes to show what good old fashioned prairie ingenuity is capable of.
I saw it sash It was very interesting wasnt it?

It sure made those English boys and their fancy equipment look pretty weak by comparison. It surprised me they managed to go up that hill. I've been on that road before in the winter and it seemed steep enough just with my truck.
Any of you manitobans know a fellow by the name of Chopper. I could tell you his real name but if you don't know him by chopper you won't know at all. Lake Francis area. Portage PF Pasture. :cowboy:

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