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Hey Mountain Cowgirl

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
by Yvonne Hollenbeck

He’s king of the internet cowboys;
he rides for the old FB brand.
He knows everything that a cowman should know,
and a self-proclaimed “heck-of-a-hand.”

His crown is a fairly new black Stetson hat;
his throne is a soft, easy chair
There’s a “Bronc for Breakfast” print on his wall
and he pretends that he too is right there.

He rises each day at the breaking of dawn,
heads for his range, puts the coffee pot on;
then goes down the hall to take care of his chores;
he’s thankful he don’t have to do them outdoors.

Then fills up his mug and spends most the day
spreading the bull as he’s posting away,
In fact he is known to occasionally boast
that no rancher alive has planted more posts.

In case you are wondering where he got all his knowledge,
it’s from a farm and ranch manual he once saw in college.
Then he watched lots of Westerns and studied John Wayne
and all that he learned has imprinted his brain.

I’m sure all you boys who have ranched all your life
are probably amazed at his expert advice.
So, let’s give him credit where credit is due;
he’s the King of the Internet Cowboy Crew!


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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
Had me worried there for a minute. There is a Russell print on the wall behind me. I thought "Bronc for Breakfast"...... So I got up and checked. It is "Camp Cook's Trouble". So I guess I am safe for now.

Going to have to move that print anyway. That is where my mountain lion hide is going when it comes back from the taxidermist. Note that I didn't say cougar hide. That just opens up an entirely different discussion.

I did see Yvonne Hollenbeck preform at Elko. She did a poem about how good her husband's eyesight is. He could spot a cow from a mile away and know which one she is, etc etc. It ended with something like how come when he walks into the house with his muddy boots he can't see my freshly mopped floors?

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