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Hey s.s.a.p

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Feb 12, 2005
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Saw you were on, haven't seen you in awhile. Welcome back. there's a private message witing for you. :)
Got it . Thanks.
Was only 'kinda' on here - doing calf registrations via the internet. Painfully slow job if done during normal hours. Dial-up service sucks.
That little "you have a message" window, that pops up is neat!
My reply has been pm'd.
Forgot to ask if you have spring yet?
Good Morning everybody :D
yep, spring is here, the early guys have their drills going, and the real early guys have been out greasing up the planters. They never learn! The swans have been and gone, I think. Haven't seen any for a couple of days. And the dog is out chasing robins and anything else that moves, so yes, spring must have sprung. :)

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