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Hey Shelly

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Northern Rancher said:
Do you want a job one of these days helping set up an A'I program. Dollar a day and bullets are the wages.

Not a bad deal Shelly! I promise you I have done it for less. :wink:
Help me out here guys! This doesn't sound like a real good deal. Unless I really am blonde and not catching what you're meaning! :wink:

NR, I assume you're on your way down here?
Beer and me don't get along. Now, if you offered me a pail of paralyzers, we can negotiate! :wink:
That's what I thought, but just checking. Popular drink in Alberta too, nobody even knows what they are here in Ont. Everytime I visit my mom in Calgary she makes me a couple or a few, don't remember! :shock:
I thought that might be you in the cafe today-thanks for introducing yourself-man is that ever a nice set of hefers that were setting up. I had to scoot as I had a b'day party for my daughter at 4'00.
Nice to meet you, too. I assume that was Mrs. NR with you. And the other fella was your brother or brother-in-law, right? I kind of figured that was you sitting with one of Wally's hired men, and then when I heard Tori giving you the gears, I knew I was right and wanted to meet you. It's nice to be able to put a face to a name on here.
Shelley can you PM me your phone number in case we need a hand wed-fri- wednesday and thursday won't take anytime at all not much more than an hour.
We couldn't get to Shelley -the queen of the Robin's Nest to help us no matter how we begged-I had to sort those Brahma's and A'I' all those heifers with an all male crew-no fun at all.
"Queen of the Robin's Nest"? "Queen of the Robin's Nest"?!?!! Hell, I'm only in there usually once a day! Besides, you had my number! And if it wasn't for that damn truck driver yesterday, I would've been available yesterday afternoon. Waited on her all morning, then she shows up while we were having lunch. So I made her wait for half an hour. You didn't even call me to meet you for a drink or two at the bar. I was kind of disappointed. Oh well, I'm sure you managed quite fine without me. Maybe next year?
Woohoo now that got a rise lol-I went and bought Trevor and my bro-in-law a quick brew when we were done and then we had to jet-the trailer was full of brahmas and horses didn't want them standing any longer than they had too. I was just teasing I figured you were busy lol.

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