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Hey Soapweed check this out!

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
An Evening's Work

There was a breeze softly blowin'
It was 10 o'clock at night
I'd found a heifer who'd prolapsed
Beneath the moons dim light

I'd been fightin' a cold for three days
And my strength was fadin' fast
'Cause I was weak from lack of sleep
Caused by a blizzard, four days past

So I went and called ol' Delbert
He's a good friend, tried and true
He said," I'll be right over"
"We'll see what we can do."

I awoke my nephew to help us
This'd be a good experience for the kid
Then I went and saddled little Squirt
Reached up and pulled down my lid

I stepped across and we were off
A flashlight was in my hand
At a gate it dropped into the slop
Damn! Things were goin' grand

The heifer came in plumb good
I didn't even use the flashlight
She trotted right on into the barn
She didn't even put up a fight

So with all the troops assembled
We decided to start the show
I picked up a rope that was layin' there
Built a loop and give it a throw

But just as soon as the rope touched her
That heifer beller'd and came on the run
We ran for the door, as fast as we could
I sure hoped the latch was undone

Delbert ended up in the rafters
While I got out the door
Dusty was tucked behind a stanchion
Poor ol' Squirt got left on the floor

The cow hit him a couple of licks
Then turned and beller'd at me
She then ran over where Del was hangin'
Shook her head and hooked at his knee

Well, the cow finally calmed down a bit
So Delbert got on little Squirt
He roped her hind leg, dallied and rode
And jerked her right down in the dirt

I brave'd up, tied her head to a post
We started to put the prolapse inside
We grunted and groaned 'bout an hour
Before we could turn the tide

Ol' Squirt and Dusty was watchin'
But they were supposed to keep the ropes tight
Del throwed slack at Squirt and I holler'd at Dusty
We finally got them two workin' just right

Meanwhile I was sewin' the cow up
Turned her loose, then went to get clean
Delbert sure looked to be a mess
We was both all covered, red and green

Then we drank a toast to our success
As vet's we figured we'd been tried
But after all that hard work and sweat
That damn cow just up and died!

Squirt is a small pony horse, half shetland 1/4 belgiun 1/4 quarter horse and he's still around. I would keep them kids ponies in at night for my night horse and gather the big horses with them in the morning. We have an indian pony also. It kept the kids horses rode down a little and they were awful easy to get on in coveralls!
My three boys and Dusty, my nephew we raised, grew up on these smaller horses. Dusty started Squirt when Dusty was 12 and Squirt was 2 so this happened when they was both colts!
Squirt is 19 now and fat and sassy and little Buck is 20 and doin' well. One or the other will have to train my new grandson in a few months.

And remember Soapweed, "Them as has 'em can lose 'em and them as don't cain't!"
Good poem, Jinglebob. Your last stanza says it all:

"Then we drank a toast to our success
As vet's we figured we'd been tried
But after all that hard work and sweat
That damn cow just up and died!"

The cow dying was bad enough, but we're also out the cost of the medicine. :? :wink: At least we didn't have veterinary charges plus mileage going against the deal, too. Of course, a vet could maybe have saved her (but I doubt it). At least her lineage lives on, with her little bull (future steer) calf. He's doing well.
That's a really good one, jinglebob! Been there, done that, had the carcass to prove it.

Now another subject – because of the idiotic actions of a stupid heifer on St. Pat's Day, we had to miss the Irish doings at the Heritage Center. Today I finally got time to read last week's Tri-State and the story they did about the upcoming event. My question, are you the young fella with the guitar and the border collie or the smaller picture with a handle bar mustache and a black hat?

I'll bet it was a fun evening and we sure hated to miss it. Maybe next year. Have you got any other appearances planned around this area soon?
LB, I'll give you a hint on Jinglebobs appearance without seeing the picture you mentioned. Think "walrus type mustache". He does a nice job covering some Ian Tyson songs, among others.

On the real topic, I always heard when Baxter Black started off his Vet practice, he told his customers that for a C-Section he charged a fifth of whiskey and the hide! Not much faith there. lol.
Why thanks fer the interest and comments. I am the one with the 'stache, tho' I like to say longhorn rather than walrus! The evening went well, tho' something was wrong with my guitar so the one song I did wasn't the best.

Next thing that I know of that I am doing for sure is at Devils Tower on the Sunday before Labor Day. May be others before that, but as yet I haven't gotten any notice or inquiries. We have been doing the Devils Tower show for 9 or 10 years. I've got a lady and her accompanyment from Kay Cee and Yvonne Hollenbeck and last but most certainly not least the one and only Saddletramp! Ought to be a great show! If any others come about I'll tyry and remember to post them here for any of interest.

There will be Medora of course and I may run up to it as Darrel Arnold is supposed to be coming up and I would like to see him. Any way, thanks for the input.
Baxter Black somteimes tells that story on himself in his shows. As much care as he takes in nailing down details for his shows, I would guess he was a top-notch vet, too.


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