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Highs and Lows of Friday 13th

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Went for a morning checkyesterday A'M found a bunch of fresh dropped calves so was feeling pretty good-then found my favorite draft mare with a slipped colt-really didn't make my day.
Had one born and die in the mud yesterday the 13th, calf that is. But what the heck, I was born on Friday the 13th! :?
...and it can happen on Satuday the 14th, too. After a real good calving run for the past 3 weeks, I found a dead newborn in the field tonight. Fully developed, licked clean but hadn't moved after being born. Poor momma looked so sad, standing guard over a motionless litte body.

After seeing things like that happen ever since I started farming, it's still hard to take into stride. Don't know if one can ever get used to seeing that.
The replacement heifers and bull got out of the pasture Friday and the landowner's hired man (not a cowboy) chased them over a cliff with a pickup truck. :mad:
One dead of a broken back, two spent the day on a ledge until we could get them out, and one still missing. :(
The landowner is going to "make it right" with us and plans to fire the hired man.
Friday the 13th!!!!! :!:
What an absolutely horrible story! The man who did that should be run over the cliff. He must be deaf, dumb and blind among other things~

Paying for them doesn't make up for the suffering they went through. Good grief~what a perfectly horrible thing to have happen. My sympathy goes out to you and the cattle.
I went out today and got a nice surprise-had a cow have a ragdoll yesterday-doing the flop so i gave it a shot of selenium and left things to sort out-went out this morning and it was gone-thought the yotes drug it off but here it was up sucking-I've never seen one that wasted come back-saved that cows life.
MLA-same goes for me-I know that death lose is part of the plan in a cattle operation,but I always feel for the mother cow that wants that calf so bad and does all she knows how to do. Like you, I have seen calves born for 40 plus years and accept the fact,but think it is sad. Hope the remainder of calving goes good for you!! It went good here this year,oh of course there were a few mishaps,but some were totally out of our control and just happened, All in all I am thankful for a good calving season and thankful there are out ot pasture til Nov. Have a great day!
A youg rancher asked an older rancher how long it took before it didn't bother you to lose a calf.The older gentleman said when it doesn't bother you it's time to quit.
On my Friday the 13, I got a semi-wild , horned, young, black cow in and pulled quills out of her nose. She took it quite well! The quills had been there for a few days and they came out easy. Went way better than the time my best horse got quills in his ankle. He's pretty snorty and didn't care for my nursing/doctoring abilities!

My Dad turned 13 on Friday the 13. During his life he had rumatic (sp) fever, lost an eye, had 3 back surgeries, had a finger cut off and had to put up with me! He wasn't superstisous(sp) and raised me not to be and I ain't as I've so far had good luck, knock on wood! :shock: :lol:

I was born on the 13th so depending on who you talk too, the 13th is either lucky or unlucky. :lol:

I figure that every day that I am doing what I want, is a lucky day.

Sorry to hear about that. Can think of lots of things to say, but non of them do anything to change things, so sorry to hear it is where I'll leave that.

Just did the Ride The West show with Tony at The Big R on Trent. Went real well. I always wondered about doing a cattle handling demo in terms of showing how to move cattle. Some simple things like where to be in relation to the shoulder, ect. Heck, lots of people don't realize the value of someone in the lead when moving a bunch. Cows used to it will follow, makes things easy and they aren't strung out for two miles.

Northern Rancher,

We have some calf stimulant on hand to inject calves. We get it from our vet, I'll have to find out what it is. When we get it it just say's calf stimulant, hand written as I recall. If Selenium helps these calves, I'd be tempted to look at Mu-Se injections and/or increasing Selenium in mineral,

Just a thought,