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Hog problem?

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Jun 21, 2012
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seadrift tx
Attention ranchers! My name is David Wright and I live for chasing hogs. If you or someone you know is having extreme difficulties keeping the hogs off of your property please email me, I live in seadrift tx and in corpus and will travel to your location and can have a face to face meeting where we can discuss the hog situation.. I have several finely trained dogs that are people, cattle, and pet friendly. These dogs are like my kids and they absolutely love to catch hogs, they are all completely geared up from cut collars to vest to even tracking collars thanks to our friends at wild boar usa. I am strictly non profit and I honestly just love chasing hogs. Also I'm a very good hand to have around I have previous ranch hand backround and I will help with anything under the sun all u have to do is ask. Thank you for your time

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