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Horse hairdo--better or worse?

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
One of the new horses from the Philip horse sale last Sunday had a terrible hair-do. I changed it, but am not sure if it's better or worse.




Is the mane so thin it will always need roaching???? If it had enough thickness I would have greased it up good and braded it to make it hang properly. After about a week you could have undone the braids and it would have laid. I have had a couple of App mare here to breed to my quarter stud that did not have enought mane or tail to ever look good to me.
I roach the manes on my horses. Otherwise the burdocks get in them. I hate thinning the mane with a knife to cut the burrs out!!
Soapweed, was that a "feedbunk" induced hairstyle on that mane? Our wrangle horse, and in winter the others kept up for use, get a bald area on the mane.

BTW, used veg oil applied generously on the mane or tail before cleaning out burrs is very helpful.

MRJ said:
BTW, used veg oil applied generously on the mane or tail before cleaning out burrs is very helpful.
Thanks for the advise. I usually get frustrated and go after the clippers. I'll try the veggie oil in the morning.
Veggie oil, WD-40 and baby oil, all will do the trick.

MRJ, you can get bale feeders for horses that they won't rub their manes out on. They work real well.

On the Appy horses or any horses that don't grow a mane, it is because the mane and tail hairs are brittle and they tend to break real easily. I have heard that if you soak the mane and tail in oil, you can get them to grow out.

Oops, forgot what kind of oil :???:

Feeding horse mineral will also do the trick. :wink:
I think it looks wayyyyy better. :D His neck looks much more refined and longer now. He's nice and clean in the throatlatch, but it didn't show up with the shaggy mane.

I bet he'd have cost more money if he'd been shined up before the sale, not just after! :wink:
Kato, I think you are right.

I too thought his neck looked much nicer with the roached mane
than with the fuzzy one.

Remember when we used to say "roach his mane and trim his tail and
he'll bring another $500?" Those were the good old days! :wink:

Now we don't even roach much of a bridle path. And doncha just hate it
when they roach a bridle path and go half way down the neck?

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