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Horse slaughter plants

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
Pat Goggins had a good article in Argi News this week about the US passing an amendment on Sept. 20 that prohibits the use of any federal taxpayer funds to slaughter horses for food export. In other words, horse packing plants will no longer benefit from the USDA inspection service, which will eventually force the plants to shut down. Senators John Ensign (R-NEV) and Robert Byrd (D-WV) presented this bill. It passed the House as an amendment in June.

Hordes of folks associated with PETA want to stop any horses from being slaughtered in the three remaining horse slaughterhouses in the US (two are located in Texas and one near Chicago, Ill.) This amendment would also stop any horses from being shipped to slaughterhouses in Canada or Mexico.

What do these Senators and Representatives think is going to happen to the salvaged horses in the US. We have more horses in the US today than at any time in our history, including the early part of the century when horses were used for all types of work. Horses can live to be 30 years old. There are nearly 100,000 head of horses that must be prcessed each year. If slaughter is no longer an option, who's going to feed these salvaged horses? Who's going to care for them? What's going to happen on farmsteads and rachettes across America? It looks as though the US could be plauged with 100,000 head of salvaged horses each year.

This amendment is very dangerous to all of America. Next could come the prohibition of slaughtering cattle, chickens and hogs. This must be stopped! Anyone interested in the humane handling of horses or llivestock must lend an ear.

Do what you can with emails, letters, and phone calls. This is an important issue for all of us. Even if you don't own a horse this calls for your action and reaction.

------end of article----

Does anyone know how to email, phone or fax the White House? I understand this is on the President's desk waiting for him to sign.

We need to all contact our Senators and Representatives. This is serious and what it could lead to is even more serious.



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May 29, 2005
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You can reach the presidents staff at [email protected] I'm sure only a few messages will reach him in person but I have had several issues and they will respond.

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