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How about this?

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Interesting read. I did a google search on "Leo McDonnell Democrat", and see what came up.

Western Senate Races, the heart of Swinging 2006 to the left Colorado, Governors, Montana, Senators, Statewides, The Big Strategy
The 2006 Senate races will be a big time in the West. Its an opportunity to show that the Democratic Party is the real deal in the West, with most of the western states having contested Senate races. If you were to choose on Western Republican to go after, it would be Senator Burns of Montana.

Montana is the romantic heart of the Western Democrat movement, with our sweep last year. Only Colorado came close to matching the enthusiasm in Montana, and they have an open race for Governor to hang their hat on in 2006.

Burns is looking everyday like a more vulnerable candidate. If Bush's Social Security fiasco can be hung around his neck or he can become the Judy Martz of 2006 (a Montana Republican known far and wide as being corrupt), and if his lackluster re-elect numbers stay low, I think he's beatable

At the same time, Democrats are already lining up to take a shot at him:

At least four Democrats are being considered or being mentioned as possible candidates next year for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican incumbent Conrad Burns.
They are:

Daniel Kemmis of Missoula, an attorney and former Montana House speaker who heads the Center for the Rocky Mountain West, a research think tank at the University of Montana.

John Morrison of Helena, an attorney who was re-elected as state auditor in November and serves as Montana's insurance and securities commissioner.

Leo McDonnell of Columbus, founder and president of R-CALF, a national cattlemen's group.

Jon Tester of Big Sandy, an organic grain farmer who is president of the Montana Senate this session.

My favorite, for obvious reasons, is Kemmis:

Kemmis, 59, sent a letter to the Democratic Party's executive board saying he's looking at the race, but has made no decision yet to run. He said he knows there are some other good Democrats also considering it and wants to make sure the party gets the best possible candidate.
"For me, it's party a matter of having grown up idolizing Mike Mansfield and absorbing his great respect for the U.S. Senate both as a great deliberative body and as a counter balance to the executive branch when it takes a wrong turn,'' Kemmis said.

Among his attributes, Kemmis said, are having been being born and raised on a farm in Eastern Montana and retaining those roots, while having substantial experience working with the more urban side of the state.

"My real strength has been bringing different factions together to figure out what they have in common urban and rural, environmentalists and loggers,'' said Kemmis, author of several books on the role of communities. "The bridge building and problem solving that I've devoted my career to would be of value in the Senate.''
Not surprising!

They hate large corporations and they want more government regulations.

R-CALF is the equivalent of the democratic party of the cattle/beef industry!

Punish achievement!
Regulate prosperity!

That's R-CULT's battle cry!

Here's another one that is sure a feel good Website. NOT.

You can tell which side this one is affiliated with.


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