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How did you meet your better half?

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jeff in ca

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Mar 10, 2009
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Janesville Ca, 96114
I met my wife 7 years ago on Cowboy.com chatting about slipping a calf. Invited her to our local Cattleman's and Cattlewomen's Wine tasting. The rest is history. By the way she was living 3000 miles from me at the time. So how did you meet your spouse?
She Came in to buy a wrench were I managed a auto parts store....I asked did she want to borrow one....so she borrowed one
My wife lived next to us when we were 3, they had moved to from Wyoming. We moved to one side of town and they moved to the other. Our mothers stayed good friends and I would see her once in a while over the years. She came over when we were 12 to go horseback riding and that was when I told my little brother that I am going to marry that girl someday.
We went to different high schools (we have 3 in our town) so I would occasionally see her around when our school played her school or when me and my buddies or a girl I was dating went over to her schools dances, but I never dated her in high school.
At 23 my younger brother got married, her and her mom where there. We have been together now for 25 and years married for 23 years this month.
She cut my hair on a Monday and I liked it so much I went back and got another hair cut on Tuesday.
I knew her all her life-her oldest brother and I were best friends-played on the same line in hockey for years but I was always sneaking a glance at little Sis. We dated for a few years then eloped at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. I don't know what I would do without her she's my rock and I love her to pieces. This health issue has been hard on the family but she's held everything together I definately married above my head. To top it off she's a beautiful woman-my cancer dr. guessed her age at 35-I said dr. we have a 23 year old daughter lol-not a cradle robber.
We met on the internet. It was my first time on a chat site, I was bored and thought I'd try one of those MSN chats. Asked her to marry my the first time we talked, and every time after that. She finally proposed to me a year later and here we are nearly nine years later.
Amazing what you can find on The Web.
Met my other half at the college horse barn. I told her she could ride my horse and never got her off of her until the wedding. What dang horses get you into, but I never thought they would get me into this. Feb. 18 will be 16 years and I still can't get her off of my horse. :wink: So I got me another horse. :lol:
I met my husband almost 10 years ago...he was working on his uncle's cattle ranch and I happened to be breaking colts next door for a great cutting horse trainer. My husband used to ride his colts he was breaking (some mustangs) thru the meadows over to say hi and that was how it all started! I never grew up with cattle but have fully embraced the life! We spend a lot of time hunting as you can see! Our son (now almost 19 months old) is the 5th generation on our ranch and hopefully he'll fall for some girl working next door :)
Me a few years ago with my husbands mule deer. He had no teeth left in his head; he wouldn't have lived thru the upcoming winter.
My husband and his nice bull elk he got a few years back too. Picture was taken the middle of October.
Our little family! My husband guides hunters in the fall too---his hunter got this moose just down the road from where we live.
I was out hunting one day and spied her. Snuck up on her and gave her a rap with my club. Drug her back to the cave and she's stayed for 32 years now.

Actually, we met at the local rodeo here where I was a tourist. Followed her around until she had her leg broken when a cow hit the gate she was holding. I caught up a little easier then. :wink:

She made me wait until I could sign my own marriage licence before we got hitched. Little did she know what she was getting into. :D
Shepard has the best first date story I've ever heard, had me in stitches for several days.
I still chuckle when I visualize the scene. :lol:
first saw my wife at the National FFA convention in KC. she don't remember it. 1 1/2 years later, I was chasing her best friend around, then she was always doing things with us, so I turned my focus to her.... we started dating in June. late July I told a friend that I was going to marry her... in October of that same year, we were married. Celebrated our 20th last fall, and hope for another 20.
I met TTB at the Red Angus convention in fall of 2000. She was speaking and I was talking in the back with BRG and she told us that we could either be quiet or leave.

I knew right then that was the woman I was going to take orders from for the rest of my life. After a couple of dates she was after me like white on rice.

She even managed to introduce BRG to his lovely bride.

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