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How do I post photos in a new topic?

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get a 64 count Crayola Crayon box. get a big bottle of whiskey, and an extra chair. as soon as you open that bottle, some old gimpy Texas womanizer will be in it, sippin off your jug telling lies about Elmo....

can't help you any further than that, I pass out and by morning, HayMaker has the pics posted for me....

seriously, there is a sticky at the top that explains how to post pics.

1. go to that website, and creat an account. (it's free)
2. upload your photos from your computer to photobucket
3. copy the code (there are several choices underneath the picture, but you want the one that has [img] at the beginning.)
4. In your message box your posting on ranchers, right click, and choose "paste" the [img] code. If in doubt, click preview to see if your photo appears in your message before hitting the submit button.
If you want to call me in the evening so I'm in I will try to talk you thru it - - - 765-624-9342

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