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how far?

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
We had to trade off our Hesston swather because the dealership we
bought it from (50 miles away) doesn't handle Hesston OR Hesston parts
any longer. So we had to go at least 220 miles for parts. And we were
having some problems with it. Its a 1998 and we bought it used in 2001,
I think. It's been a good machine up to last year, and we then started having problems with it.

Vermeer baler parts and service is right in town, one reason for buying

John Deere parts are 50 miles away (Bowman, ND), or Miles City,
70 miles away. We usually have more reason to go to Miles City than
to Bowman, though.

In our area, parts are sent back with someone from here that is going
there....where the parts are, so that helps and we all seem to take
our turns.


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May 29, 2005
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In this area if you can wait both Caterpiller and John Deere have drop boxes. You can order your part and that night it ( they ) will be placed in a drop box ( kind of looks like a group mialbox with about 10 small doors and two medium and one really large one) at I70 and St Rd 3 ( New Castle Indiana exit ) and you can enter a 5 digit code they give you and get your part and it will be charged to your account.

This is very handy if you need something and can wait 24 hours, there is no charge for this service as they both have parts runners going past several times a day between branches. Many times they will say the part will be there in 5 hours or so but never more than 24.

If nothing like that is available in your area you should sudgest and if a brand feels it can gain market share with something like this they might set it up.

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