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How it died, PART TWO

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Feb 14, 2005
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Now I believe that a laugh is the best medicine and if you cannot laugh at yourself you need to find a new line of work or at least a good shrink. We do not have shrinks out here 40 miles from the nearest town. Got some wet today, may not save us, may only prolong the agony. Don't know, only the man upstairs knows that one. Am in the process of borrowing a half a million to finance us to buy out what we have been running for a paycheck, don't need to hear any more of this BS, have to think positive for the wife and kids. PERIOD.
I can tell stories on myself, my R-Calf neighbors have never lost a calf, never done anything wrong, never had problems with the bank. Oh yeah, they enherited everything. I enherited some used clothes cause they fit, my brother got the ranch free and clear, I have what I have earned. I will now quit and tell my story.

When we came here to run this place for the owner, they had these bulls that they had bought that were half angus and half SALER!!!!!! I am thinking who in the HELL lead you down that street????? I soon found out, the owner had hired the previous owner to run the place and soon found out that the previous owner held the papers and wanted to take the ranch back. I took the AN xSA bulls to the vet clinic to be checked out and the first bull in the chute was lured unto the chute by me. Those ANGRY SAILORS as the vet help called them, would not go unless coaxed by a human on foot. That was me. After we destroyed the veet clinic on the first three bulls, the vet told me to leave. "WE WILL TEST YOUR BULLS AT YOUR PLACE NEXT TIME' Little did the know that I left half of the bulls home because they jumped out of the corrals trying to load them up to have them tested.
We gathered the bulls out of a 3 section pasture which is full of regrowth Ponderosa Pines and very few watering places, no problem for a "REAL COWBOY" and his two kids, ages 10 and 12. This in in July in the hills and it can get hot during the day. I do alot of things on the weekend, that is the only time I have kids to help me either ride or one of them babysit the young one so the rest of us can do what we have to do. Got all of the bulls, I think that there was 17 or something like that, took all day, the horses were done, so were we. End of a good day. Next day, wifey and I go to put salt and mineral out for the cows, here is this bull at a trot heading back to the cows, this is 8 miles, there is no dicouraging him.
Went home, got the horses, they have rested for a day, took the kids, we are going to fix him.
Caught up to him, madder than can be, this is a poem, I have to quit, just for now it know it is a great poem. till tommorrrow
I came here being as they are , will not stoop to that level again, came on here posting to make you feel better. I will not let you down and I will not stoop to their level. You will get your poem again, promise, already tried but the connection hung up on me twice. ah maybe the poem sucked.
good morning, SW....guess what??!! IT'S TOMORROW!! WHERE IS (AS PAUL HARVEY WOULD SAY..) THE REST OF THE STORY??!! okay..okay...so maybe not every one is checking calves AND ranchers.net at 2 in the morning, but I am!!!!! will be looking forward to your next posting....don't keep me waiting...i agree with shelly....it is "mean" of you to keep us in suspense!! :wink: :wink:
How did it die, he asked of me
I said, it's in his pedigree.
We spent all day Saturday, gatherin these bulls,
Need to git rid of them, all of them are culls.
They are the meanest, nastiest, things you could own,
Why anybody would want them, I have never known.
How did it die, don't let me digress,
Just don't tell no one, and I'll tell you the rest.
Next morning, that was Sunday, I do believe,
Went to check the wells, and what did I see?
Headed up the road, at a good dog trot,
Was this here bull, and he was already hot.
Went back home and saddled up a horse,
Got my best helpers, the kids and dogs of course.
We went after him, gonna put him in the corrals,
Just me and the kids and our little doggie pals.
Only problem, this bull, he had other things on his mind
He was out looking for some of those female bovine.
Every time we got him headed towards the right gate,
He'd jump a fence, hide in the trees, and there he'd simply wait.
By the time we could get through a gate and find the onery cuss,
He'd be all rested and started coming after us!
Well me and my infinite wisdom, I'm really not a dope,
I'd had enough of this, I pulled down my rope.
The horse I was a ridin', he thought I lost my mind,
Cause he hit the skids, when he saw the rope unwind.
So me, I missed my dallies, which was probably the best of luck,
Tying on to a one ton bull, you should be riding in a truck.
So now I have an "on the fight bull", dragging my piece of twine,
And we have been at this, for a tremendous amount of time.
Here I am, in the middle of a hot July afternoon,
Tired and dusty, and it don't look like we'll be home, anytime too soon.
Now the bull is still jumping fences and leading us on a chase,
The kids, dogs, the horses, they have all given up on this race.
Me and my never say die attitude, we're just warming up,
When suddenly, in the bull's mind, an idea had just come up.
He took off down the road, he was headed towards home at a trot,
Me I'm thinking, what wonderful luck I have got.
He never looked back, trotted the next eight miles,
The closer we got to home, the bigger the kids smiles.
Got to the corrals, let's lock him inside that gate,
He can sit in there awhile, but he just couldn't wait.
Over the fence, and in a single bound, still dragging my piece of silk,
Never seen such an animal, or put up with his kind of ilk.
He ran up into the trees, and hid there in the shade,
Me, I had an idea, and there his fate was made.
I rode in on him, half hitched him to a tree,
No damn Saler was going to get the best of me.
And there is where we left him, cause he was on the fight,
We went down to the house, by now it's almost night.
Standing in the kitchen, washing down the dirt with a brew,
All of a sudden bulls screaming, some body was in a stew.
My boy came running in, "Dad we've got real trouble,
You better get down there and make it on the double".
Another of those angry sailors, saw his friend tied on to that tree,
He decided too, that's the last time he'll get the better of me!
That bull pushed the other one, choked him till he went down,
When I got there, the bull lay there, motionless on the ground.
We hung him up, skinned him, in the pickup light,
Took him into the locker plant, by now we had used up the night.
I was then thinking, as the sun was coming up, lighting up the sky,
He can't jump out of there, and that's how that one came to die. :lol:
Friend of mine from Idaho told me bout a Bull he was called to catch one time. Story goes..that a rancher bought this bull..hauled him home...bull didnt stay one night..he jumped the fence and left with his tail in the air.
David and Brett were called in to catch him. They headed up into the mountains from the basin. Out there for 3 days before they seen hide nor hair of this bull. They made chase...one of em gotta loop out..but missed...this was in late fall. They worked at it for a few more days but never could git close enuff to catch him. so finally the rancher said..to heck with it..let him stay out there. They headed for home.
Come spring they gotta call..someone had seen this bull some 50 miles from where he was sposed to be. So David and Brett loaded up and headed out. David ended up gittin a loop on him but couldn't hang on..since it was on a steep slope and his horse was fixin to go down. Once again..they called it a day. They went lookin a few more times but couldnt ever find him.
Then another call come in....off they go to find this bull once more. They found him....restin under a tree....the rancher had talked to the previous owners and they'd said if he didnt want the bull they'd take him back if ever they could catch him. Just to give em a call. Well instead of tryin to chase him down this time...they just called prev. owners and told em where he was at if they wanted him to come git him.
This is the good part. hehe......They showed up in a truck and trailer..no horses...hmmmmm....Man...wife...n a 8 year old daughter....
David told the man...I don't know how your gonna catch him...but there he is if you want him. To his amazement...the lil 8 year old starts out across the meadow...makin her way to the bull....David says.."yer nuts..she's gonna git kilt".....to his unbelieving eyes he watches this lil girl walk right up to the bull...slip a halter on him, and lead him back and load him in the trailer. Lil girl walks up to David...returning his rope that'd been around that bulls neck for no tellin how long.......wore fuzzy from weeks of bein dragged behind that bull.
David gave me the rope.....I was wantin an old rope at some point in time in some "home decoration" I was makin at the time..I never could quite bring myself to use it tho.....such a story behind it..needs to be somethin special.... (prolly will end up makin somethin for him for christmas or his birthday with it) only seems fittin.
thanks Shelly, when I started writing the story it all started rhyming, ahd to pull the plug and think for awhile to get it right.
REally enjoyed it, sw! Had me guessing (wrong) right up to the end.
You are a true story teller.

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