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How Many Dead Will Vote Tonight?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
WI recall vote early predictions are:

4 or 5 out of the 6 recall elections are going Republican.

That is all.

The Tea Party may have awakened a sleeping giant!!!!!!!! :lol:
10:21 P.M.: The AP has called the 10th district race, where state Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R) beat teacher Shelly Moore (D). Democrats can afford to lose one more race and still take back the state senate. Right now, they lead in two and are behind in two.

10:13 P.M. The AP, along with local networks, has called the 2nd district race for state Sen. Robert Cowles (R), who defeated Democrat Nancy Nusbaum. Democrats were never very confident about this race, although polls showed it tightening in recent days.

Meanwhile, state Rep. Sandy Pasch (D) has taken the lead over state Sen. Alberta Darling (R) in the 8th, but results are still slow to come in here. Republicans lead in three of the five remaining races.
You can bloody well bet the Unions were out in full force driving those dead people to the polls and making sure every polling machine was maintained to the best of their abilities. If the Republicans are smart they had a poll watcher or TWO at every poll watching every moment those polls were open and the entire counting process to make sure the Unions didn't screw with the results. The Unions have way to much at stake to be trusted to keep it honest.
Steve said:
I guess the answer is not enough...

but don't expect the losers to give up..

Nope they have two of their own seat to protect next week, after this Republican win they will pull out all the stops to keep those two seats in Dem hands. I hope the voters turn out to show the run away Senators what they think of them wasting tax payer money during tough times.

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