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How time flies..

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Feb 14, 2005
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East north east of Soapweed

This Carter and his girlfriend. How is it now that he is a junior in college? Seems like only yesterday I was posting pictures of him wrestling and his latest engine projects.. Man enjoy em when ya can, because they grow up soooo fast.
" How time flies.."

Tell me about it!!!
I just got a letter from my attorney telling me my will was two wives behind the times!

Are you in the Q-tip club yet?
Faster horses said:
What a handsome young man, Katrina. I know you are proud of him!
Girlfriends are always interesting, but that she has a horse helps... :D
She's sure cute. Did she help frost the cookies since I couldn't make it? :p

I slaved over those cookies all day yesterday... Now I have snickerdoodles cooling to freeze also... tomorrow molasses or gingerbread.... will see how I feel tomorrow..
Yup, those changes only get bigger as time flies by Katrina! And incidentally, one thing that my wife mentioned after our son married and moved out this spring was that the cookie jar doesn't empty out nearly as fast as it did in the past. Now we know who the cookie monster was!

Better start getting ready now for that "Wilson moment" that hits when they leave! Cuz they're gone before you know it.
Bless his heart. He's already moved out last year into a house with the summer help and he owns his own washer and dryer.. LOl and does his own laundry.. I do cook for him, but I think he looks thin. I think this is much harder on hubby than me. They are inseperable. We seperate them, one has to take me or dean so we can get stuff done... It's fun and I wouldn't want it any other way..

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