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How to tie a honda?

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What type of Honda? Rope/Grass Honda or some sort of added Honda (Metal) (Braided)
Dad has taught me but it's hard to do/tell with out a drawing.

For a Metal Honda just put the rope through the hole and tie/braid a small "Button" in the end , burn, glue or seat somehow the loose tailes/ends

Rope/Grass Honda
Add Button on end - Tie Fourhand knote (first half of square not) Line the rope up so it looks like the long end of the rope goes stright into the center of the eye when you bend the stort end around and put it under long end of the rope in the knot - - adjust eye to ths size you want and then pull tight.

Lost? Me too.

You might ask here

There is some good info. and not so good info. here -
Most pictures are small - hard to see


Hope this helps :roll:
Maybe this will help.



Hondo with rope through it, forming a loop

If you are left-handed, the hondo needs to be reversed.

Also, a good rosebud or some other finishing knot should be tied onto the end of the rope where the tape is, to prevent the hondo from pulling loose.
Just like with a ford, tie it to the bumper.


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