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M Gravlee

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Feb 10, 2005
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Perdido Key, FL USA
Viewing If you are registered and logged in, the Boards with new posts since your last visit have a yellow folder by them. Once you go to that Board all new unread messages have a yellow folder by them also. You can go to the first unread post in that topic by clicking on the little yellow sheet of paper in the Topic column. You can go to the last post in a topic by clicking on the little piece of paper to the right of the posters name. You can go to the first post in a topic by clicking on the subject of the topic. Each post in the topic has a little piece of paper by the date posted. If it's yellow you haven't read it. You can also click on "View posts since last visit" located in the upper right of the Forum Index page to see a list of all new messages.

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This is going to take some getting used to Macon. I hope you don't lose a lot of people by going to this format. :roll:
This is a nice set-up for hi-speed internet probably. With my dial-up, I log on at 1600 to 2800 at best. I don't have that much time to spend waiting for the different things to come up. Hope that you will consider us in the back country and try to speed your site up. This is my home page but I can't spend a half a day waiting for SH's comments.
M. Gravlee,

I signed up as Hanta Yo several days ago, never got e-mail back to be activated, etc., etc. I post replies, they won't go as "someone else" has Hanta Yo. Who in the heck else has Hanta Yo? If there is someone else, I would really like to send you a personal and get this straightened out without the whole world knowing, but this stupid green page won't let me do it! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides, you should be here listening to the noisy bawling as we just weaned our young cows off their calves. I would be a happy camper if everything was working ok, I could stay up all night babysitting the calves and have something else to do on the computer! This is so darn frustrating............................. :evil:
EJ said:
This new fangled bull session sucks.

All right M Gravlee. My humble apologies. This is getting easier, kinda like BMR said about a new colt under saddle the first few times. Heck maybe I`ll be comfortable with it real soon. My wife wouldn`t be disappointed If I cleaned up some things around the yard instead of looking on here all the time.

Again I apologize.

As I get used to this new format it's getting easier and better. I think I just went through all of last nights posts 3 or 4 times faster than I could of on the old board. Guess an old dog can learn new tricks.
Some of our former posters are having no luck getting on this new forum. I got this email from Cal this morning and it explains why we haven't seen anything from them. I wonder how many others are having the same trouble? :(

Here's what Cal had to say:
"You might drop into the new version of Ranchers.net and say Howdy from katrina, Juan, JB, certq, Randy C, and myself and whoever else is stuck here in lala land and the old website. Steve-from the Political Page (who e-mailed me), and katrina, who checked from a different server, said all is different now, but all we get is the old site with just us people from Golden West."

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote
ok. now i am really confused, i did not post a url and the damn text went off the page again? so, basically, all i am doing is typing in this box and the format is running. so i will next time write in an email and then copy and paste from the email and see if that helps. this bothers me as well, but don't now how to correct it..................

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Flounder, I have had the same problem. It has to do with the margins on the site or something. Maybe the site operators can fix these problems with a little programming so we can argue the real points instead of messing with these type of issues. I am going to post this question.

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