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How was the Earthquake in West Yellowstone?

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PORKER said:
Did You Feel IT???

I did wake up about that time- thought it was just because of a routine bathroom call- maybe it was the quake :???: :?

That was over more in ranchwifes country....

I remember the Madison Quake about 40 years ago--we're 500 miles away from it- we felt nothing- but that night the cows, horses and chickens went nuts... They definitely felt it......
There was a noticeable tremor in SD in the early '80's. One son was studying in the college library at the college the state converted to a prison some years later. He couldn't figure out what was happening, but definitely felt, saw things moving that shouldn't have been. I was awake, reading, and as I recall it may have been around 9:30 or 10:pM and I thought it might be a sonic boom, but never heard the "boom". Heard on the news next morning what it was. Really strange feeling and I don't want to experience a bigger one!


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