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How's Harvest Coming Along?

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Angus Cattle Shower

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Feb 25, 2005
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We've got 1000 acres of yellow peas on the ground, and 500 acres of Canola cut. The CR9070 will be going today as long as it stays dry and until we get out of peas our TR 97 wont turn a wheel and will be our surge combine. Definately looking forward to Grandma bringing supper out to the field ;)

Hows harvest going for everyone else?
We just keep haying. The meadows are getting dried out so I've basically started over.Should have plenty of hay.
almost finished over here ,just spring wheat to do . will be another 2 weeks. bringing in the straw now to sell later for mixing with grass silage in the diet feeders.

Slow, rye coming down next week as is green feed, barley has a way to go yet.
Sentence structure eludes me sometimes. We are going to start cutting rye shortly to combine. We are also going to cut oat/barley green feed for swathgrazing and baling.
just finished haying no rain so not much of 2nd cutting might turn cows on it in a few weeks to keep from feeding hay :cry: . start chopping silage tomorrow then in a few weeks dad should start shelling corn
Still have 3 small fields to put up in small bales ( I always like a few around )

We have gone thru the combines and feel everything is ready when the time is right.

My son wants a bigger grain cart as he feels we could get by without another semi if we had a bigger cart - - - I have mixed feelings but am leaning toward another semi if one comes up at the right price - - - we can get by with what we have but hauling is the bottleneck on 220 + corn even if we park one combine. We almost never use both combines on corn but it is nice to have the capacity on beans and the backup in case of problems on corn.

If I could find a PTO kit for the 9170 Case we could handle a big cart but the biggest tractor we have with PTO is a pair of 4650s and I feel about 700 bu will be enough behind one of them. The problem in putting a PTO on the 9170 is it has a 200 gal fuel tank that takes up the whole rear end. I need to find a pair of smaller tanks so I can run a shaft between them but have not come up with any yet!
Hay is all done. Still waiting for greenfeed millet to grow some more, also waiting for the neighbours to combine their wheat so we can bale straw. In the meantime, Hubby is having a terrific time hauling hay home because there is NO traffic on the back roads. Spring flooding cut the local crop acres in about half, and what went in is late, so there is absolutely no machinery on the road. Harvest around here will be at least three weeks later than normal.
Finished haying yesterday morning, other than a few patches around home.
Hay will be hauled this week and set into our bale grazing paddocks (part of our share cropping arrangement). We are a full 3 months ahead of last year when we were still working on first cut in mid October.
Swath grazing to cut in the next 2-4 weeks and we are done.
Winter wheat is done. have 3 mile long strips of malt barley left to get done. Hay is done and baled. feed truck is down, both fuel pumps went out at the same time. Only wat to fix them is pull the bale bed and hubby is busy on the combine and we got a friend up driving truck.

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