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Hypocracy started on day one in Obama Political career.

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Feb 10, 2005
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In 2007, then-Sen. Obama introduced a bill to protect Americans from tactics that intimidate voters. It also increased the criminal penalty for voter intimidation to five years in prison from one year.

"There is no place for politics in this debate," he testified before Mr. Conyers's committee in March, 2007. "Both parties at different periods in our history have been guilty in different regions of preventing people from voting for a tactical advantage. We should be beyond that."

The friggin HYPOCRITE introduced a law to stop Voter Intimidation but when the intimidation is done IN HIS FAVOR, charges are dropped . :mad:

And wasn't to nice that the one guy that Holder didn't actually drop charges on didn't go to prison for five years, he was simply told he had to stop standing in front of a polling station in "Philly" for three years. Gee do you think he will be standing in front of that polling station four years later when Obama is up for re-election? :? So much for Obama wanting to crack down on Voter Intimidation. :roll:

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