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I’m back again after forever

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Mar 19, 2021
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After a very successful 2021-2022 show season with my two show wethers I am already preparing for 2022-2023 show season , I will be showing a 100% angus heifer she will be lended to me from a family friend and then will be showing a doe or another wether goat . I’m very excited for next year , so here’s a recap from this year with my two wethers——
* 5x 1st place
*3x grand champion market goat
*7x 2nd place
*5x reserve grand champion market goat
*4x grand champion of the show
*3x reserve grand champion of the show
*2x senior showmanship champion
*12x top 5 senior showman
*10x top 10 senior showmanship
I definitely had a great year this year!!!

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