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I need help posting a picture???

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Feb 11, 2005
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I need help posting a picture?????
I have some pictures on a CD and would like to post a few in this page.
I assume step one is to put the CD in computer. After that I am lost.
Someone help please.
I usually download them off my camera. So I'm not sure this will work, but go to photobucket.com. Create an account. (Sign in and password). Hit the browse button and see if you can find the pictures you are looking for in your CD ROM drive. I've never tried that so don't know if it will work. I usually write down the name of the pictures I want before hand so I don't have to look it up later. Once you have the pictures on photobucket.com. Copy and paste the full URL address over here. Highlight it and hit the image button above.

On the same track, I was trying to download some pictures off my scanner last night and I couldn't get photobucket to accept them from my imaging software. They are .bmp files and so it should work but for some reason after a long wait they are being rejected. Any ideas anyone?
Well lets see if this workes?
Well lets see if this workes?
Now add this last pic, (you in oil stained shirt) to your signature or avatar and then we'll know who we're posting to. I should add a photo too.
So that's snow in Alabama? Looks like you live in some beautiful country. And you're not quite how I pictured you in my mind! It's actually nice to see what someone looks like after talking with them on and off for awhile now.
Macon, how come that last post didn't show as coming from me? Which it was. And I've been having trouble logging in, too.
Shelly, sounds to me like your cookies aren't been noticed all the time. That's why it doesn't notice you are you. Just a guess. :roll:

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