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I thought I saw...

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Feb 12, 2007
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The Dark Side
Took daughter #2 to UNL yesterday for a college visit. Had to get up before the crack of crack to get there, and just having gotten off work at midnight the night before, it was a long day/short night. We got in the auditorium in plenty of time to indulge a favorite pastime, people watching. Things were looking pretty boring until.....I saw a kid in a pair of skinny jeans. He had NO butt, so the seat of the jeans was hanging down pretty good (aka droopy drawers). He was sporting a pair of sandals, pimples, a weird haircut, earring, etc. I thought I was going to see Jigs walking behind him, like a dutiful sire, but no, it was a carbon copy of the kid, only 25 or so years older, skinny jeans, sandals, etc., right down to the earring. Everything except the pimples, but he made up for it with a really strange looking pair of glasses. The mom/wife looked nice and normal. At least they weren't wearing socks with the sandals, I guess. :???:

Men and boys should really, really stay away from skinny jeans, unless they want to look like they may enjoy an "alternative lifestyle". :shock:

The dad I got the biggest kick out of was the dad with the mullet and the Marshall Tucker Band tee shirt. Made me wanna find a lighter and fire it up. "Can't You See?" :lol:

A good time was had by all, we hooked up with daughter #1 after class and just kinda enjoyed things. The wife just can't believe how grown up her 2 girls are anymore. Dad can't, either. :D
Now to tell you the rest of the story, daughter #2 was this year's Homecoming Queen, crowned last Friday night, along with a relative of Jiggsy's being voted King. I did send Jiggsy a pic from the night, but I don't have anybody else's cell # on here. The Queen is becoming a bit more difficult to live with, for sure. One of my customer's sent her roses, which should be delivered to the school today, with a card that reads "Long Live the Queen". :lol: :shock: That ought to spin her up some. :wink:

Haven't downloaded pics from Friday night onto the 'puter yet. We'll see how that goes.

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