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Ian Tyson Concert

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Faster Horses, or rancher, I don't suppose you took in Ian Tyson in Miles City last night? Or maybe it was Fri. night. He is in Deadwood tonite, but the tickets are 50 bucks a head. Kind of steep, even for one of the best.

I'll have to get by on the other times I have seen him. It wasn't advertised very well, as I am not even sure of the dates. He will be in Rapid at 40/hd, in the next couple of days.
Nope. We didn't go see Ian Tyson.

I kinda recall a little something in the Miles City Star about him being there...or somewhere.

As far as I am concerned, Miles City does not advertise anything they do or have very well. Lots of times the attraction is over before we even knew anything about it. Miles City is the main destination of folks around here, so I don't understand why they want to keep things such a secret. They don't even advertise the Bucking Horse Sale in this direction.

They could do alot better, that's for sure.

We have seen Ian Tyson in Billings at the Roberta Bair Theatre; but the best was in Medora a few years ago. Not many people there; again not advertised very well and not many knew who Ian Tyson was. It was a great concert on a beautiful day.

We got in line to get some tapes autographed and the lady ahead of me had a very worn album cover that she handed him. It was a very old "Ian and Sylvia" album. He looked up at all of us and said, "I can't believe I am signing this!" It was pretty funny.
The Sask Stockgrowers had Ian for a premature border opening party but the house was full and a good time was had by all except Ian as he ended up in the hospital that night and had to cancell the rest of his concert for a while.

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