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Ideas for FFA Fund raisers

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Went to Open House tonight at school and spoke with our Ag/Mech Teacher and our lil school apparently has cut funding for our ag/mech students. Not only do they not pay for materials of any kind to make projects, they also don't furnish any funding for trips to major shows so they can show their projects. We discussed starting a booster club so that we can supplement what funds the kids raised. Usually they build a trailer and raffle it off, which they plan to do again this year..but it's not nearly enough to pay for motel rooms and meal expenses.

Hunters Breakfast (opening weekend of deer season)
or Chili supper for them

We as well as one other parent have offered to donate one calf each just to sell and donate the money.

Would appreciate any and all suggestions from you out there, for other sources or ideas to raise money.
Hired Hand auction.......................here they auction the FFA kids off to work one day for the high bidder.

Used to be called slave sale but that is not politicaly correct.

Depending on the year I've seen them go for 50 to 500 dollars for the day, just depends on the economy for the year. The kids with drivers liscence always bring a little more
My former FFA students were a bunch of entrepreneurs if ever there were any. My first year as advisor we had a skeet shooting, team penning, our welding class made a beautiful set of cow panels, we also had a hired hand auction. I wanted to have a team roping, but there wasn't that much interest around that area. There are numerous things that you can do, it just kind of depends on what part of the country you are in.

FFA parents and supporters are a great bunch. I sure wish that my old high school would have had the program!!
The "help" auction is always going to work; Also find a local event and cook the hog and serve a barbeque supper. Does your local chapter have a holiday time fruit sales event? Those worked well for us. (back when), but I still buy fruit from my nephew, two more kids to go. Maybe it would take a while to get going, but think about setting up an antique tractor pull, possibly in conjunction with the same or different local gathering. Also on a smaller scale, you could sponser a toy farm implement show-and-swap (or auction); you'd get the concessions, of course.
Assuming any interested parties have money for gas to attend, there are some ideas.
Yes they sell fruit near the holidays and are sellin sausage and bacon, stuff like that right now. But with those it's a minimal percentage that they actually get to keep for the FFA, and it goes into their project fund.
They make Houston, Ft Worth, San Antonio and San Angelo shows..that's 4 major shows a year that they hafta furnish motel, meals and fuel to get these kids to. They've not ever had a booster club, alot of the time the Ag Teacher puts his own money in the kitty to get them there. This is the first year that our daughter will actually get to make the shows, she's a freshman.

the hired hand sounds like a good idea...maybe at their halloween carnival they can have that auction. I"ll bring that up at our meeting, thanks.

Any more ideas would be appreciated, as we'll have to have multiple fundraisers to get enough to send these kids to these shows.
My daughter V¬ has spent sometime looking into this when she was in High School - - I can't find her list but I did find this

Bowie Texas FFA

You might search the National FFA site

Also I'll do a search on some 4H sites.
Oh Yes - - Google has a list of 4H Fund Raisers - - Look Here


Donors seem to respond to a "Project" more than they do to "General Fund Raisers"

V¬ typed up a request to sponsor 4 menbers to the FFA Nationals and Washington D.C. - - she got the money to pay for all Four FFA Members and their teacher.

The Santa Clara County Cattlewomen gave her $500 :)
Our local club always provide a service rather than ask for a donation-we work the gate at our local hockey games-clean up the mall parking lot-serve lunches at local auction sales and pick 12 miles of highway ditch every spring. We also raffle off a half of beef at Xmas-our local area gets pretty swamped with people 'selling' stuff for fund raisers so try and do work instead. Why not try a 'Mom's of FFA' calendar-I know the 'Hockey Mom's' calendars sell really well. I'd even be willing to be your talent scout lol.
Mom's of FFA Calendar? hehe reminded me of that movie...."Calendar Girls"
I thought of calendars with pictures taken by the students. Since our school is rather small and I think there are only 10 or so FFA members that could be an option.

I hate making the kids sell stuff, door to door, it just sometimes seems that they are constantly goin around selling and in a community this small it gets old. With 4H , FFA, Sports Boosters, cheerleaders, Cultural Awareness group, the money wears a lil thin sometimes. And for some reason my daughter is involved in all of these things. Over whelming at times at the things they hafta raise money for.

But we will succeed one way or the other.

Thanks again for all ya'lls ideas.
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