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IED was found on a Brownsville, Texas

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Feb 13, 2005
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On Sunday afternoon, a motorist spotted a suspicious device along U.S. Expressway 77/83 in Brownsville and reported it to police. The device turned out to be an improvised explosive device.

The expressway was shut down for about three hours Sunday, as the bomb squad "rendered the device safe," Brownsville police spokesman Eddie Garcia said.

The "modified pineapple grenade" was discovered by a concerned citizen on the southbound lane of the expressway, Garcia said the homemade device was poorly constructed and had no detonator. However, if it had such a device and had exploded, it would have caused minimal damage to the expressway.

"There wouldn't have been … serious damage because of its poor construction," Garcia said. "At no time was there any danger to the infrastructure, the overpass nor the public."

It is still unknown exactly how the explosive device ended up on the roadway,

The Mexican military reported that a group of individuals were encountered in Matamoros, Tamps., that absconded when they saw the military's presence.

The military seized 88 weapons, more than 50 grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 412 chubs (plastic sleeves) of hydrogel commercial explosives, 36 electric detonators and 12 meters of detonation cord.

Noting that chubs of gel explosives can range from less than half a kilogram to a couple of kilograms in weight, Stratfor said that "this means there were at least a hundred kilograms of explosives in the cache, enough to make a sizable VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device)."

The Herald also found that the military on June 2, 2010, and also in Matamoros located a large cache of arms including 104 weapons, 202 grenades of different types including gas grenades, fragmentation grenades and 40mm grenades. The military also seized 264 electric detonators in this operation.

In 2006, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, along with ATF agents and Laredo police seized a cache of weapons including two complete IEDs and materials for making 32 more, military grenades and 26 grenade triggers, a House Committee on Homeland Security report stated.

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