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If it aint one thang it's another!!!

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
My dear ole dad in law, bless his heart, love him to death, he tries to help out, when and where he can, but I"m beginnin to thank his eye sight and hearing both are leavin him. Couple weeks ago he was mowing pastures, and ran over somethin, who knows what, bogged the mower down and proceeded to keep right on goin ended up tearin the clutch up in the 966 Case. Today I went to haul water to the heifers and do my daily drive. Found where he had been dozin with the lil john deere 350 dozer, cleanin up an old fence, and he'd somehow or another got off into the new fence we built last fall that fences in our grass lot, bout 5 acres, where we run cows on up to the catch pens. This is where we keep my daughters pen of 3 heifers. Anyway, ripped about half that fence down (field fence) We, (hubby and I) started repairs this evenin. I can't say nothin to him for fear of either makin him mad, or hurtin his feelins, but goin along behind him cleanin up his messes is gettin old.
jersey lilly, you're not alone! It was like that here with my father-in-law till he permanently retired, and I know of a few other older gents from other families that are the same way. Wanting to help, but always ending up making more work instead for the rest of the family. Hang tough, it'll only get worse before it gets better! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Told hubby it might not be a bad investment to go buy a case of that bright hunter orange flaggin tape, n just start tapin it on anything and everything we want him to avoid :wink:
My Grandpa has been recentally retired from running the combine.
Actually he was flat out told to stay the heck out of it! Ever see anyone try to shell corn on an angle against the rows? Oddly enough, it can be done. :roll:

He even got to where he was missing the gravity boxes. One of us had to be on the tractor to put the box under the spout instead of him putting the spout over the box.

Still has his sense of humor though.
I think my dad in law still has his sense of humor too. That day he got into the electric fence he showed up about the time we had it all put back up again, he asked me, "Whacha'll doin?" I said...fixin the electric fence. he said, "Hmmmmm, someone git in it?" I said, "Uh huh, someone sure did"

:shock: :shock: :shock: :sure:
Shame on you girls,trying to take the keys away from that ole fella,that's the worst thang that could happen to a man ,take the key to his tractor LOL........................good luck
I used to work with an old fellow everytime some thing got broke he'd say oh well it's job security.He still works for the same place and thats been 20 years ago. :wink:
Older guys wrecking things, is just their way of getting back at the kids for doing the same silly things when they were young and just learning, I figure! :D :D
Seems to be one of life's common problems: knowing when to retire.
I vowed I'd retire from nursing before I got old and crochety.
Appears I missed on both counts. :lol:
we took the old man off of the combine a few yearsago....went down a half mile row of 240 bushel corn with the unloading auger on!!! it was pretty easy to track him !

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