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If you don't like that sound of screeching in your ear....

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aaaaahahahaha......that goes both ways.....that other noise...low grumblin mumblin garbled mess....with no need to say "huh?" cuz he wont repeat it. Repeatin it causes that screechin noise he hates so much. (Do ya'll see a pattern here?)
Something sweet whispered in the ear often helps to break the pattern. However, you must remember that timing is everthing.
Well, what started it all is I sent the boy to mow the lawn the other day and right off the bat, the belt broke that runs the mower blades. There has been alot of rain and our pasture grass lawn is getting pretty high, so we are having a pretty major problem with mosquitos. So, I ordered in a new belt and picked it up yesterday and put it on the lawnmower. This morning, the wife started mowing the lawn and the belt broke again. So, after that screeching sound in my ear, I'm apparently buying a new lawnmower. Doesn't really make sense but my wife has never liked that mower since the day I bought it and even though the problem could probably be fixed relatively cheap compared to buying a new lawn mower, when Mama aint happy, nobody's happy. So... I guess I better get out my cheque book. :roll:
Right now I'm talking to a guy about a used Honda or possibly a new Bolens. What I have is a Case 444 which everyone has told me is one of the best mowers you can get but apparently my wife disagrees with everybody. I'd sure like a John Deere but that green paint is pretty expensive. Just started the search when the belt broke this morning so haven't really nailed anything down yet.
I keep 2 to 3 acres mowed with a john deere 110 mower. I think they run about $1800 each. I have had mine 2 years and just changed the oil and keep gas in it. I did change the blades at the start of this summer.
Faster horses said:
Milne Implement in Glendive, Mt. has a good JD mower for $1450 (US). They are brand new and selling like hot cakes.

I priced out a 'used' John Deere this morning $3500 Cdn. Just a little rich for my blood. Might be a good idea to look south, though but I'm about two hours north of North Dakota. Montana is a bit of a hike from here. Nice country though. :wink:
As much as I like a nice smooth green lawn, I always figured that keeping it looking that way is way too expensive. So, I always say that the next time I need a new lawnmower, I am going to buy a three-point-hitch mower deck for my smallest tractor and just get a small rider to do the trim work where the tractor won't fit.

But I always seem to end up at the John Deere dealer's . . . :( :( :(

. . .but it keeps the kids happy! :)
I'm all for getting rid of lawns period. Zero lawn. No more monocultures. No more wasting time and gas mowing what will only grow again.
Put the whole dern thing into trees and berries that man and beast like.
Now all I have to do is convince my husband :roll: somewhat like convincing fish to fly.
Just turn some cows in the yard every week or so like I do. They don't like azaleas and other shrubs that much!

Only problem is keeping the patties off the porch!
Mike said:
Just turn some cows in the yard every week or so like I do. They don't like azaleas and other shrubs that much!

Only problem is keeping the patties off the porch!

Been there, done that but my wife is insisting on a 'normal' lawn. She even wants me to plant grass seed. :roll:
I just turn the horses in, tho' the little woman would prefer a lawn mower.

I must have some Indian blood in me as I don't like watering grass so I can mow it, so I can water it, so I can mow it, etc.

And I prefer my ground grass side up! :shock: :lol: