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Jul 24, 2021
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Central OK
I started out in 96 with 20 Barbado ewes and 1 ram. After 6 years I had 85 head and every lambing we had at least 3 in a playpen in the house raising on a bottle. I was working in the city and at a state gov't job, so I carried one or 2 in a little dog cage to work every day. My co-workers loved them and would take turns feeding them. I would get the cheap baby diapers and cut them to fit the tail. I put a pencil to the expense one time and when I cam up to $300/head on bottle babies, I quit counting. It wasn't about the money. later I weathered all my rams, and every one of my rams had been a bottle baby. I am down to 35 head now, my oldest one I buried last week. She was the first one of my bottle babies and was over 24 years old.. I sold a few, but the last load left in 2008. Now they just live out their life and keep the yard mowed and eat the weeds out of the wheat field. I don't know what I will do when I run out of sheep. I don't want to get into bottle babies again. I had 2 calves over the years and neither one made it a year after being off the bottle...