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Industrial-scale organic sets alarm bells ringing

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Feb 12, 2005
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When Heinz 'Organic' Ketchup and 'Organic' V8 hit the grocery store shelves, you know something is really stirring in the organic food sector. Both of these products currently exist in the United States and will likely find their way to Canada soon enough

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Making claims for differences between "residues" in organic vs conventionally grown products of any kind should have to be documented, IMO.

Re. the "excessive" use of antibiotics......what is definition of "excessive"?
How much antibiotic gets into streams, groundwater, etc. due to soaps and other consumer products? How much goes through patients taking them (unnecessarily or not) and ends up in the water? How does all that compare with antibiotics fed to animals to prevent diseases? Until we have answers to these questions and more, how can we know what actions need to be taken.

Re. hormones.....same deal.

It just seems to me that with tests able to detect infinitesimal levels of possible residues, it should be possible to take the emotion and hype of the anti-meat people out of this equation and use sound science as the basis for decisions.

We grow organic corn and beans. We do it for one reason money. Last year $15 a bushel for beans and $6.30 for corn. The beans were for tofu and the corn went for chickens and diary. This is a big business and getting bigger. I dont know for sure how we will do on the farming side of it, but on the consumer side they cant get enough of it.

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