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Interesting Call/Scam Alert

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Feb 12, 2007
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The Dark Side
Landline phone rang last night at 7:58 pm. "Unknown Caller" is what showed up on the caller ID. When a relative in the Philippines calls us, unknown caller is what generally shows on the caller ID, so, I answered. After several hellos, a woman came on, wanting my cell phone number. There was no doubt in my mind that the woman was black, and her command of the King's English was poor at best, so I told her "Sistah, slow down. Tell me who you is and what you wants". She claimed she was with Verizon and they wanted to do an account review for me and needed to start with my cell number. I replied that if she was really with Verizon, she already knew my cell number, and why did I need an account review? Was there a problem with my account? Sistah Girl told me that they needed to make sho dat they devices was meetin' mah needs, and they wuz no problem wif mah account, suh. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she hung up.

No doubt that since Old Whiskey Breath's man has ruined the economy, more folks have taken to scamming, theiving, and such. Anymore, we generally NEVER answer the landline without we KNOW who's on the other end. If the caller is legit, they can leave a message. Pretty much the same way we handle our cellphones. Caller ID is a wonderful thing, and worth every penny it costs. NEVER, EVER, give a stranger on the phone ANY of your numbers: phone, social, bank account, etc. We are living in dangerous times.

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