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Interesting Couple Days

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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I had to go pick up a semen tank at Dylan's so Shauna and I carried on to watch Ty in Ponoka Saturday. He got in a real storm in Airdrie Friday his horse reared around the post so hard she caught the flank on the latch and kind of squashed him. We'd got a hotel room in Lacombe so the boys stopped in to have a shower they've been going pretty hard the l;ast week. Ty's travelling partner got hired to be one of the cowboys in theTravel Alberta add because he looked so rough-so something to be said for not shaving and sleeping in the truck. The meds I'm on don't let me sleep much so I headed over to my friends ranch for an early coffee Saturday morning. Then headed up to my favorite rodeo the Ponoka Stampede-I just love them running the broncs in the arena during the grand entry. Ty was pretty pumped about his draw supposed to be just a good solid horse-I don't know if he stuck too much iron in him to mark him out but he reared up and fell on him-they ran him in another horse and it didn't buck that great. I couldn't hear the announcer so thought he was done but right after the barel racing they ran him in a Franklin horse 'Another Blue' he made a real nice bronc ride but missed the short go by a point and a half-Dad thought he could of been a couple more!! Pretty sore as his free arm still has a partial separation. After the rodeo we met with some folks on a grass finished beef project then Shauna and I headed home-would like to get some sleep if I could lol.
Even without sleep, it sounds like a good time for you, maybe not quite so great for Ty. Keep him going, I want to see him ride someday but that will only happen if he gets famous or comes down to western SD to ride.

He was pretty happy-he'd done all he could on this horse. I had to order a couple copies they got a pretty good pic. You could come on a rodeo holiday-Ponoka Stampede is a tough one to beat.

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