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Feb 10, 2005
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Ron Paul claims he has recieved more military donations than all other GOP candidates together. Here is the interesting part South Carolina is known for their military population so why if Ron Paul is being backed by the Military like he would have us believe, is he in 4th place in that state and is limiting his appearances there? :?
Yup, go figure :? Ron Paul is a nut case. His followers are nut cases. In the 2008 election I was Republican chair for our county...went to Helena to cast our votes and the Ron Paul followers were nut cases then....
Everytime he speaks he reminds me of a senile old man that should be locked up for his own protection. :roll: If he does (God forbid) win the nomination he will be the biggest gift the Republican could give leftwing late night funny men. If they attacked Sarah Palin for the way she talked what will they do with the way Ron Paul talkes. If voters wouldn't vote for McCain due to his age why would they vote for a guy that looks, acts, and IS OLDER than McCain?

Oh and may I add if they want atrue leader who can work with both parties to get something done why would they vote for a guy that in his congressional tenure has passed only one bill that he has sponsed and gets his earmarks through the back door in bills he votes against?

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