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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Started placing bale grazing bales today-we can get two year old hay delivered to cows mouth for $35/tonne and real good fresh hay from same outfit for about $65/t. We placed some of both out in cows and they kind of took after the older hay quicker so I think in early winter were going to fed mostly that. There's probably grazing till new year's left if we don't snow in but we'll get it in spring-it's easier to extend our grazing by going out early then pushing it real late. If anybody is short of feed we can take on quite a few extra cows to bale graze for the winter. Ty has been redoing our paddocks-I've been letting him redesign things the way he wants and he has improved on alot of his old man's mistakes in regards to gate placement etc. When he gets done one man will be able to move cattle anywhere on the ranch without much grief. We would like to add a heifer wintering and calving enterprise. Basically it would involve winter feeding a large number of bred heifers-we'd start calving in midMay then haul heifers to owners as we get loads calved. Each field has some bigger calving pastures with four traps to gather up calved hfrs in. Once we got them calved and moved out we'd be destocked from late June till next spring so we'd be calving on a good mat of carryover grass. I got a bit verbose but crazy ideas take time to explain.
NR, I've seen the same thing with old hay. Sometimes they seem to prefer it to the new hay. I sure respect both you and Ty. Ty because, as he grew up on the place, he observed cattle and could see where gates need to be, and you for respecting his judgement and encouraging him to try some new things. It will pay off for both of you. Good post!
You'll see that in meadow hay my uncle thought maybe that rank stuff had broke down abit for easier digestion.
you will also see that in year old barley straw, theylike it much better than new.

best of luckin your's and Ty's new venture