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Iraq is falling apart

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Jul 4, 2005
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Iraq is coming apart thanks to the Bush Bunch's arrogrance and inability to understand the history of the country. All of you who support this war should be ashamed of what we're doing to these people. Excerpts; link below; my emphasis.

"“Hassan Lami was herding some sheep to a garbage-strewn city lot to graze when six masked men, using guns with silencers, shot him more than 30 times.
As far as anyone can determine, the just-married 20-year-old was killed that July morning because he was a Shiite Muslim…”

“In the last six weeks in the Ghazaliya neighborhood on Baghdad's western edge, where both young men lived, more than 30 people have been killed in what appear to be purely sectarian attacks. Although other forms of violence, such as suicide bombings, have destabilized Iraq, many fear that the Shiite-Sunni targeted killings that have escalated in Baghdad and beyond are tipping the nation toward civil war…”

Iraqi government statistics show that targeted killings have almost doubled over the last 12 months despite increases in the numbers of policemen on the streets and Iraqi national guard patrols. In July, nearly 700 of the 1,100 bodies brought to Baghdad's central morgue had fatal gunshot wounds. There are no figures for those that fail to make it to the morgue.

"The number of gunshot cases we see now is huge," said professor Abed Razaq Ibaidi, acting director of the Central Institute of Forensic Medicine in Baghdad, the largest morgue in the country.”

“Families in the ethnic minority in neighborhoods such as Ghazaliya are selling their homes and moving to places where they are in the majority. Without more than anecdotal evidence, it's unclear whether this could become an exodus. Hassan Lami's family is among those planning to leave: It has put its house up for sale.

Once people start to leave, the tide of instability can be hard to reverse, said Ed Joseph, a fellow at the Wilson Institute who worked in Bosnia-Herzegovina during that Balkan country's war in the mid-1990s.
He said the likelihood of civil war increases if, after attacks targeting a community, other members of the minority population flee, as Muslims in Bosnia did after villages were attacked by ethnic Serb soldiers.

"Once people leave en masse, they must find a place to go," he said. "They go toward places that are safe … where 'their kind' is in charge. Then, in turn, hostility there turns toward the minorities in the areas they have fled to. “


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